Welcome to our "Web Tutorial" on Flow Injection and Sequential Injection Analysis. This short course on FIA/SIA is intended for newcomers to the field, as well as those who would like to add to their knowledge and current experience. It is our intention to focus on the practical aspects and analytical utility of FIA/SIA in this Tutorial. Excellent coverage of supporting fundamentals and theory may be found in references given in the bibliography follows.

  1. Lesson 1: Introduction
  2. Lesson 2: Fundamentals of Flow Injection Analysis
  3. Lesson 3: Membrane Sampling Devices
  4. Lesson 4: Dispersion
  5. Lesson 5: Enrichment
  6. Lesson 6: Chemistry
  7. Lesson 7: Sequential Injection Analysis
  8. Lesson 8: Zone Fluidics
  9. Bibliography

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