Advances in one field of technology frequently provide new opportunities in another. Such is the case with recent advances in the field of photolithographic 3D printing. Materials, print resolution and the equipment to do it have advanced to a stage where we can 3D print flow manifolds for use in flow analyzers.

Global FIA is developing the expertise to capture complex flow manifolds in a transparent monolithic block. Channels as small as .030” ID (0.7mm) are comfortably accommodated and because these channels are printed rather than machined, new possibilities with regard to geometry are possible.

In the FloPro-ChemStack, we mounted our ChemStack manifold on a Valco multi position valve. We equipped the ChemStack with a heated holding coil, pressure transducer and pressure relief valve. Ports are provided to accommodate and external unit operation such as an enrichment column, digester or solid phase reactor. The spectrophotometric absorbance flow cell has a 20 mm path length. The sample port allows priming of the sample without drawing sample into the holding coil. Provision is made for up to six reagents, standards, blanks or wash solution. The 5mL reagent vials are directly coupled to the ChemStack. Off Stack reagent reservoirs are also accommodated.

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