Automated sampling and dilution device with 54 vial fraction collector.


The Global FIA FloPro-Sampler is a versatile Zone Fluidics sampling interface that automates the sampling of laboratory reactors.  This fluid handling device allows unattended sampling and dilution of a host of different sample matrices and media including homogenous and hetrogenous samples, supper-saturated solutions, and crystallization reactors.  The resultant sample can be:

  • archived to a fraction collector for subsequent assay, 
  • loaded into the injection valve of a chromatograph, or 
  • pumped through the flow cell of an in-line detector

The device comprises of two main parts: a fluidics engine with integrated fraction collector and one to four sample probes.


Power supply voltage

100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Power consumption

100-240 VAC, 3A (max)

Primary dilution

1:1 to 1:10

Secondary dilution

1:10 to 1:100

Sample size

20-50 µL

Volume of diluted sample

Up to 1.5 mL

Diluent usage primary dilution

100 to 200 µL

Diluent usage secondary dilution

100 to 1500 µL

Number of sample probes


Diluent capacity

300 mL

Process solution temperature


Process solution pressure


Sequence time

5-8 minutes

Number of vials in archive


Precision-homogenous sample


Precision-heterogeneous sample





230 x 300 x 150 mm  (W x D x H)

Ambient operating temperature

4 to 60 °C 

Ambient operating humidity

25% to 85% non-condensing

Storage temperature

-25 to 65 °C non-condensing and non-icing


USB 2.0 



SP-1: FloPro-Sampler Sample Probe, PPS

SP-2: FloPro-Sampler Sample Probe, Stainless steel

FT-1: Filter tip, tubular, 25µM 

FT-2: Filter tip, for filter disk

PT-1: Probe tip, open end

TC-AG: Trigger cable for Agilent 1220 Chromatograph

NEED-PS2: Needle and hub for FloPro-Sampler, Plate sampler, and Gravimetric Fraction Collector

VH-54: Vial rack, 54 positions



Brochure: pdfFloPro-Sampler_brochure.pdf488.5 KB

Manual: pdfman_FloPro-Sampler_A.pdf1.74 MB

Manual Sample Probe: pdfman_S-P_A.pdf1.09 MB

Manual FloZF: pdfman_FloZF_5.2.pdf3.16 MB

Manual FloZF getting Started: pdfman_FloZF_Getting_Started_-.pdf1.16 MB