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milliGAT LF pump

milliGAT LF pump with stepper motor, controller, and 24VDC power supply
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Features of the milliGAT:

  • Bi-directional, smooth flow
  • Flow range from nL/min – mL/min
  • Meter precise volumes from nL – mL
  • No pulse-dampers or check valves
  • No syringes to refill or exchange
  • Chemically inert
  • Self-priming


The milliGAT™ was patented by Global FIA (US Pat No. 6,079,313), and is manufactured by VICI Valco, a company well known for its precision analytical valves.

The milliGAT is a new generation pump for precision fluid handling which will pump bi-directionally both liquids and gases, or a combination of both.  It features a combination of performance capabilities unmatched by any other commercial pump.  In particular, its remarkable flow range of over six orders of magnitude, from nL/min to mL/min, and its capability to precisely meter volumes as small as nanoliters, make it suitable for many different fields of application, including microfluidics, HTS, dispensing, titrating, FIA, SIA, Zone Fluidics, diluting, and many others. It maintains high precision across the range of flow rates and metered volumes. The user can sequence between nanoliters and milliliters with ease.

The milliGAT is an excellent replacement for syringe pumps - it outperforms them and eliminates the need for refill cycles and syringe changes.

The milliGAT is stepper motor driven and fully computer controllable.  A micro-processor driven controller allows control of flow rate, flow direction, metered volumes, ramp rates, automatic backlash correction, and other control parameters using serial commands via RS-232 or RS‑485 communication protocols.




Global FIA Products


In the early days of FIA, the most fertile repository of manifold components was the Chromatographer's laboratory.  Since those early days, a whole suite of custom components have been developed for those practicing flow-based analysis.  These components are now available commercially as stocked items.  Global FIA provides a single source for many of the components needed to equip and maintain a flow-based analysis laboratory.

The range of components offered includes:

  • Pumps - milliGAT™, syringe, and others
  • Valves - selection, injection, and others
  • Tubing - PFA, PEEK, Tygon™, Pharmed™, and others
  • Fittings
  • Adapters
  • Heaters
  • Reservoirs and vials
  • Gas diffusion and permeation devices
  • Solvent extraction components
  • Mini-columns and separation cells
  • Bead handling devices
  • Flow meters, low dead-volume temperature and pressure meters
  • A wide range of flow cells (included heated flow cells) and detectors such as photometric (uv and vis), chemiluminescence, fluorescence, amperometric, and potentiometric devices.

In recent years we have added a number of sampling components as well.  These include:

  • the unique supported capillary membrane sampler (SCMS)
  • self-cleaning filters
  • sampling probes for sampling slurries, and other heterogeneous samples
  • sterile sample probes
  • inertia filters also called tangential flow filters

All of these devices are available in the Global FIA store.

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