Having developed an analytical method, it is usually necessary to deploy the method on a suitable instrumental platform. Global FIA has developed a generic platform called the FloPro which lends itself to being customized to accommodate a collection of fluid handling unit operations. The FloPro architecture also lends itself to being customized for a number of different operational environments.
  1. Its small size make it ameanble to being deployed as a portable device. In this role it has been used as a roll-up analyzer and is suited to be used as a point-of-care device.
  2. With a small footprint, it is ideally suited to use in the laboratory where it occupies very little bench space.
  3. Packaged into a IP65 enclosure, the FloPro is well suited to being used in the process as an on-line analyzer. The level of automation built into its software and procedures allow it to be used in an unattended autonomous mode of operation



    Global FIA can undertake small and medium contract manufacturing projects.  A quality management system for our manufacturing facility ensures the production of a quality product.


    A key component of any system is the software.  Global FIA has invested significantly in the development of a powerful and user-friendly device control, data acquistion and data manipulation package called FloZF©.  Particular attention was given to the user-interface and a design that favors the developer.  In the latest release of the software we have added the ability to manipulate variables.  This provides a giant increase in the power of the package.


    New features are being added that also allow the software to be configured for users who simply want the software to execute their sequences and do not want to make changes to the underlying method.  A free demo version of the software can be downloaded from the software section of the Global FIA store