At our core, we delight in projects that positively impact the world in which we live.

When Don Olson founded Global FIA in 1992, our focus was on Flow Injection Analysis (FIA) and Sequential Injection Analysis (SIA). In recent years, our focus has shifted into the larger field of laboratory automation. Our mission is to work alongside key personnel in the scientific community to aide their research and development through the automation of the mundane.  

Our business extends from the supply of turnkey systems to consulting services. We also maintain a broad range of componentry related to fluid handling at the microliter scale and linear motion systems to automate laboratory units of operation. We work with our customers to add value to the final design and ensure that our customer's expertise is woven into the project structure and the final product.

Global FIA has established an international customer base that extends onto every continent and into various business sectors and academia. Our global customer base is served from our Fox Island location in the Pacific Northwest.

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  • Graham Marshall


    Ph.D. (Analytical) University of Pretoria.

    Graham has been involved in all aspects of the company’s operation since he emigrated with his family from South Africa in 1995. His involvement has included advancing flow-based technologies such as Sequential Injection Analysis, Zone Fluidics, and more recently, Flow-based Synthesis, as well as software development, manufacture, method development, instrument design, marketing, and sales.  As President of the company, he works with the staff to meet customers' needs. His passion remains looking to the creative example of his Creator for design ideas and discussing new product and project ideas with colleagues, customers, and associates in flow-based analysis and synthesis.
    Graham began his career in South Africa where he worked for 13 years at Mintek - a research laboratory for the Mining Industry. At Mintek, he reached the position of Assistant Director of Analytical Science.
    Specific areas of technical expertise include the application of Zone Fluidics and SIA to real-world problems, instrument design, and software development.

  • David Holdych

    Product Manager

    Ph.D. (Mechanical Engineering) University of Illinois Postdoctoral Fellowship at Sandia National Laboratories, specializing in numerical modeling with application to fluid dynamics and mass transport in complex media.

    At Global FIA David heads up the software development effort using LabVIEW and is the Product Manager for the FloPro-Sampler.  He is also involved in component design and first-line support for our milliGAT pump.

  • Daniel Hunt

    Mechanical Technician

    Daniel is responsible for the manufacture, testing, and repair of most Global FIA products. He also manages the development and manufacture of all linear motion systems. Additionally, he assists with R&D, CAD, 3D printing (FDM and SLA), and shipping.

  • Daniel Jones

    Instrumentation Engineer

    B.S. (Mechanical Engineering) University of Washington, Seattle.

    Daniel handles a majority of the 3D drawing and modeling at GlobalFIA. He also handles development and manufacture for the FloDx Sensor range, FLUMI, and GlobalOS, with experience in C++, AutoDesk Eagle, SolidWorks, 3D Printing (FDM and SLA), and Python.  
    Daniel is also responsible for the development and upkeep of this website.

  • Sharon Marshall


    Sharon was educated as a Highschool math teacher but has spent most of her working career as a book-keeper.  In addition to maintaining the company’s books, she runs the company’s office and oversees shipping.  She immigrated to the United States with her husband, Graham and family in 1995.  She delights in being accurate in her record keeping and has developed an efficient method of keeping the company’s records.


Our main office is located on Fox Island in the Pacific Northwest. Our manufacturing facility is in Gig Harbor also in the Pacific Northwest.

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