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mini SIA 1

miniSIA-1 analyzer with Chem-on-Valve™ manifold

The Global FIA miniSIA-1 represents a new generation of instrumentation for the proven Sequential Injection technique. It combines sampling frequency and speed of response of FIA with the robustness and reagent economy of SIA.  The key to this new capability is the marrying of the Global FIA milliGAT pump with flow programming. The concept was first described by Ruzicka in the FIA Tutorial

The system is equipped with a milliGAT pump coupled to a heating coil and Chem-on-Valve™ (COV) monolithic manifold.  An extra measure of modularity is built into the COV by making the detector flow cell a bolt-on piece.  This means that the same manifold can be configured with a short or long path length absorbance cell, fluorescence cell, chemiluminescence cell, and one of a host of different electrochemical detectors. External instruments such as Atomic Absorption, Inductively Coupled Plasma and Electrospray MS are compatible with miniSIA-1 since the milliGAT pump provides a wide range (6nL/sec to 170 µL/sec) of highly reproducible flow rates over long periods of time.

For spectrophotometry the standard 10 mm uv/vis absorbance cell uses fiber optic (f.o.) cables to pipe light to and from the flow cell. A white LED and a W-Xe lamp are provided as light sources.  The spectrometer is one of several Ocean Insight models depending on the spectrographic needs. 

The sample port has an inlet and outlet which meet on the face of the COV rotor.  Thus the sample can be primed to the valve without drawing sample into the rest of the manifold where it can be a source of carryover.  The sample port can also be primed with the next sample while the present measurement is underway, either manually or by a miniaturized metering pump.

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Power Supply Voltage

100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption

100-240 VAC, 10A (max)

Sample Size

10-50 µL

Heater Temperature Range

Ambient to 120 °C

Light Source

White LED and W-Xe lamp

Spectrometer Wavelength Range

350 to 1050 nm



Available Chemistries

PO4, NOx, NH3, SO4, SiO4, Fe, Mn, Al, Zn, Enzymatic assays, H2O2, Cl2 (total), and Cl2 (free)

Sequence Time

30-360 seconds

Precision Mid Calibration Range


Linearity of Calibration Curves

r2: 0.99


5 kg


240 x 230 x 260 mm  (W x D x H)

Ambient Operating Temperature

4 to 60 °C

Ambient Operating Humidity

25% to 85% non-condensing

Storage Temperature

-25 to 65 °C non-condensing and non-icing


USB 2.0



Fluorescence flow cell with LED excitation


Chemiluminescence flow cell


Photon counter


SI-Chrom Kit


SIA Fittings kit


Heated long path length photometric flow cell, 10 cm