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FloPro Tracker

Portable two-channel flow-based analyzer with automated self-cleaning sample probe for field assays or shipboard deployment

The FloPro-Tracker is a portable system for carrying out tried and tested wet chemical assays. It makes use of Zone Fluidics to carry out sample preparation steps followed by wet chemical analysis. The FloPro-Tracker can be configured to meet user requirements and can include:

  • Two analyzers

  • A rugged portable 19” rack enclosure

  • An automated self-cleaning filter sampler

  • FloZF device control and data acquisition software
  • An embedded computer coupled to the Analyzers
  • A tablet computer that communicates with the embedded computer using remote access software on an internal Wi-Fi network or over the Internet
  • GPS receivers installed on each FloPro provide the geographical location of the device during sampling and measurement.
  • A removable rack-mounted keyboard, monitor, and mouse
  • A Multi-Sampler that can be configured as an Auto Sampler or Fraction Collector

The FloPro Analyzers are designed to be easily removable to facilitate method development and testing in the laboratory independent of the 19" rack enclosure. 

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Power Supply Voltage

100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption

100-240 VAC, 15A (max)

Sample Size

20-100 µL

Heater Temperature Range

Ambient to 120 °C 

Light Source

White LED and W-Xe lamp



Available Chemistries

PO4, NOx, NH3, SO4, SiO4, Fe, Mn, Al, Zn, Enzymatic assays, H2O2, Cl2 (total), and Cl2 (free)

Sequence Time

2-5 minutes

Precision Mid Calibration Range


Linearity of Calibration Curves


Conversion of NO3 to NO2





584 x 572 x 520 mm  (W x D x H)

Ambient Operating Temperature

4 to 60 °C

Ambient Operating Humidity

25% to 85% non-condensing

Storage Temperature

-25 to 65 °C non-condensing and non-icing


USB 2.0